Are you fed up with the constant fighting with your spouse?

Has the passion in your relationship fizzled out?

Do you long to live “happily ever after”, but fear that you, or your partner are about to walk out the door?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, a marriage counsellor or couples therapist  could be the answer to your problems.

If you are facing any of the following problems in your marriage or relationship, you need to keep reading:

  • arguing constantly
  • struggling over how to discipline your children
  • fighting over money
  • feeling criticized or misunderstood
  • feeling cold and distant
  • avoiding your partner or feeling like he or she is avoiding you
  • taking your partner for granted or feeling taken for granted
  • blaming your partner or feeling blamed;
  • dissatisfying sex life

We live in an age where a lot of expectations are placed on us in all areas of  life. The stresses of everyday life can take their toll on your marriage.  If your relationship has become an additional source of stress, rather than a source of support, then your relationship can benefit from marriage counselling.

Marriage counselling or couples therapy can help you:

  • resolve conflict and increase harmony
  • develop open, honest, respectful, communication
  • accept each other
  • increase trust
  • create  deeper intimacy
  • encourage loving expression
  • create shared meaning and purpose
  • develop greater emotional closeness and invigorate your sex life
  • become best friends and lovers again

Yes,  living  “happily ever after” in your marriage is possible!  As a marriage counsellor, I can help you make it happen.

Working with me during marriage counselling can  help you  gain the skills that will strengthen your relationship throughout your lifetime together. I can assist you in transforming your relationship from one that causes pain to one where you give each other pleasure and strive for a common purpose.

What makes me different than other marriage therapists?

Some couples therapists see divorce as a rite of passage. When working with me, however, we will work hard to help you save your marriage. By working together, you  can develop a joy-filled, fulfilling marriage that lasts a lifetime.

Through couples or marriage therapy, I will not only help you discover why you are having difficulties, but also assist you in finding concrete solutions. In order to build a lasting relationship you need to  strive to take your relationship to new levels. I will help you develop techniques, not just for solving current problems, but for continually, propelling your relationship into one with unending potential for growth.

I am in a loving, fulfilling, marriage and know what it takes to make a relationship work. My husband and I know that life will always present challenges to us, but because we have a shared view of what a loving  relationship is we are able to face these challenges together and grow stronger because of them.  The knowledge and experience I have gained in my own relationship will help me understand your problems and model the skills I know are important for a lasting and happy marriage.

So, if you think that your marriage could use a little help– or even a lot of help,–give me a call and together we can work to  turn your marriage into a “happily ever after” story.

Where do you start?

Look no further.

  1. Start by signing up for my free newsletter “Happily Ever After: A Guide to Healthy Relationships,”  filled with helpful tips on how to nurture your relationship. You will also receive the free report, “10 Tips for Resolving Anger in Your Relationship.”
  1. Call today for a free, no obligation, 20 minute phone consultation. We will discuss your problems and together decide how I might be able to help you as a marriage and couples therapist.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Contact me at:

Jean MacKenzie, MA Counselling, CCC
Truro, Nova Scotia
Email:  Please use the online Contact Form
By Phone: 902-305-0180

Jean MacKenzie is a marriage counsellor and couples therapist who helps couples resolve their conflicts and differences so they can develop more harmonious relationships. Her therapy office is in Truro, Nova Scotia.

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“I have just received my first two free issues of Happily Ever After e-zine. I am definitely going to be looking forward to the next. The tips are practical and down to earth. There is no phony happy ending, just real solutions that require some humility from both partners and a willingness to let go of our hurts. Kudos! Keep the tips coming.”

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